The Bank's record of any instruction shall (unless there is an obvious error) be final and binding. ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATES: Login. Update Contact Information. Story continues. In the BDO mobile app, credit cardholders can quickly view their real-time credit card balance without having to log in. These Terms and Conditions form the contract between you as a customer and BDO as the provider of these services. The same Amount will be charged to the cardholder for each sales slip retrieved by BDO arising for an invalid dispute. Disruption, failure or delay relating to or in connection with the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services which are due to circumstances beyond the control of the Bank, fortuitous events such as but not limited to prolonged power outages, breakdown in computers and communication facilities, typhoons, floods, public disturbances and calamities and other similar or related cases. Balance Inquiry and Statement of Account. The Bank shall not be liable for any or all remaining scheduled transactions that you previously set up. 123456) or one which can easily be guessed by someone else. It’s easy, fast, and convenient, thus it’s one of the best ways to transfer money online. Access and/or Inquiry on the Credit Card Account/s. Credit Card Promos. bdo online - what is bdo online balance inquiry. To enroll your credit card account/s through the BDO’s Credit Card Electronic Banking Services, you must have a valid Cash Advance PIN. After you successfully logged-in, go to Account Information. BDO account balance inquiry . color:rgb(4, 54, 115) !important; Metrobank Balance Inquiry: 3 Ways to Check your Metrobank Account Balance Do you know that checking the balance of your Metrobank account can not only be done at the ATM machine? Although they charge you for every transaction, a withdrawal transaction is charged differently from a normal balance inquiry. #credit-card-promos.promos-main-category a { padding: 10px; margin-right: 1px; } Try making a balance inquiry sa BDO atm. Like other types of BDO accounts, you can check the balance of your BDO Kabayan Savings account with through online banking. The Quick Balance icon displays online, real time balances of all enrolled accounts (except UITF) without the need to enter login credentials. [CDATA[/* >